A brand new album on a cartridge exclusively for the Sega Genesis coming summer 2017!

"Hot dog fresh off the grill in one hand, a cold bottle of coke in the other. The sun is setting over suburbia and the neighbors are setting up lawn chairs on the curb. It’s been a day full of festivities from bounce castles, slip n’ slides, and way too much cotton candy. Not that you’d know, you’ve been upstairs in your bedroom playing your Sega Genesis all day. After a hot day, it’s cooling off just in time for the main event: the fireworks. Lay a blanket out on your lawn and get comfortable because it’s YM2017!"

Open call for submissions


  • Submission deadline is June 30, 2017
  • Songs must be composed for the Sega Genesis using Deflemask or VGMmm (basically anything that an export a .VGM)
  • Musicians will be compensated with cash plus a "contributors" edition of the cartridge
  • Final release in early August, 2017
  • International submissions are welcomed
  • Your submission should be a new/unreleased song. Please don't release it until the compo is released
  • You retain all rights to your submission
  • The paragraph above is the theme for the compo. Interpret it however you'd like!

Email submissions or questions to [email protected]

A Catskull Electronics production